CORROM is the industry's leading supplier of a comprehensive range products used in oil & gas, chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries during processing, transportation and storage. We specialize in Providing Engineering Design, E&I and M&E Contracting Services through business affilliates/offices in various countries.

    Products & Services :

1.  Tank Appurtenances and Fittings.
2.  Tank Level Gauging System.
3.  Tank Level Switches - Mechanical and Electrical Type.
4.  Rupture Disc and Vent Panel.
5.   Safety Relief Valve - Leser GmbH
6.  Corrosion Monitoring System.
7.  Gas Leak and Detection System.
8.  Enclosed Flare and Flare in General.

Our Business Associates that providing:
1.  Rubber Stamp Making and Name Card Printing and Related Printing Services -

2. All type of Bus Services - Chartered, Contract and Ad Hoc Services -



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